SALASH is a small family business that started operating in NZ last year. SALASH is proud to introduce high quality meats to all New Zealanders. Made by using hundred’s years old recipe, all products are:

  • 100% natural (gluten, nitrates, preservatives free and without any artificial flavours and colours)
  • Hand made
  • Dry salt cured
  • Beech smoked
  • Air dried
  • All our products are original and some of them, we are sure, cannot be found anywhere else in NZ.

Today, we are pleased to introduce our products to you and happy to answer any questions about it.

To make the very best products we use only the very best, all-natural and organic ingredients and apply our authentic traditional methods. Humanely raised animals provide the very best meat and organically grown spices provide the most vibrant flavours.

All Salash Delicatessen products are free from gluten, wheat, dairy, starter cultures, nitrates, nitrites, and any other artificial additives, chemicals, preservatives or allergens. Our products are free from GE ingredients. We are the first and only producer of proper, real salami in New Zealand. Several varieties of our traditional delicacies are available all year round, as well as a selection of specials offered seasonally. Each has its own flavours…