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A thank you from Depot



You may have heard that, at just 9 months old, Depot did fairly well at the 2012 Metro Restaurant of the Year Awards. In addition to the Supreme Restaurant of the Year, we were also awarded the Best New Restaurant and Best Casual Bistro titles and our faithful leader, Al Brown, awarded the Audi Progressive Restaurateur Award. Metro Editor and Judge Simon Wilson had this to say:
“We’re getting more casual and Depot leads the charge here, providing a great dining experience in a relaxed atmosphere and some of the fine dining restaurants are getting more casual in response.”

Depot is all about amazing products and the relationships we have with the people behind them so we’d like to say a huge thank you to you all, for doing what you do and sharing it with us.



Dish Magazine feature




Clockwise from top left: Brothers Gradimir and Pedja Mirkov with their father Dragoslav and mother Milena.



In the Denizen




“Using only the very best cuts of free range pork and beef, with natural castings, organic sea salt and fresh garlic, all from New Zealand and combined with Hungarian paprika, aromatic black peppercorns and the finest herbs and spices, their meats are bursting with the sorts of flavours you should expect from cured meat.
Take it from me – their Kulen Salami has an intensely rich flavour and just the right amount of spicy-kick to keep you on your toes.”



In the Metro magazine




Biljana and Pedja Mirkov of Salash at the Takapuna Night Market.

Issue: November 2011



Salash featured in NZ Herald



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“There’s cured meat and then there’s cured meat. …And it tastes amazing.

…We really liked the Vrat (pork scotch fillet) for its creamy texture – undoubtedly due to the big white streaks of fat running through it – and the leaner, more delicate Šunka (prosciutto) would be perfect wrapped around a thick slice of rock melon or fresh mozzarella. The cold cuts are sliced impossibly fine, to the point of translucent, which makes them aesthetically pleasing too.

If you’re looking for really great salami, try the Bachka. It’s a pork salami with the most wonderful balance of smoke, pepper, garlic and paprika flavours – highly spiced but not to the point of overpowering. It’s wonderful sliced and eaten as is, but cooking it in a soup or frying it and stirring through a pasta or salad would release even more flavour…”



From Foodlovers




Taste of Auckland: The best new show in town?


What I liked
The Producers Market comprised almost exclusively of Auckland (region)-based producers; meaning most of the giant and overexposed Corporates didn’t get a look-in. I tasted my way around the market several times – just to be sure, you understand – and settled on the following favourites:


Salash Delicatessen
Outstanding Serbian-style cured meats made with free-range pork and a whole lot of class. Their five-day-old chilli-loaded salami is a thing of squishy, luscious beauty.

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