Product Quality

Why are your products so good?

The answer is simple: Salash faithfully keeps to the traditional skilled practices and sound principles from exotic lands and earlier times for which there is no substitute. Generations of our family have perfected these proper, old-fashioned ways to make our authentic ethnic meats.

We are proud to be the first producers of real salami in New Zealand; we do not use starter cultures, additives or any chemicals in any of our products. The taste is natural and pure. Enjoy.

Where are your products made?

Right here in Aotearoa, New Zealand. We proudly own and run our family business, Salash, in Auckland and we operate every stage of the hands-on production to deliver a genuine delicatessen experience to our customers.

Are your products gluten-free and what about other additives? 

All Salash products are free from gluten, wheat, dairy, starter cultures, nitrates, nitrites, and any other artificial additives, chemicals, preservatives or allergens. Our products are free from genetically engineered (GE) ingredients or genetically modified organisms (GMO). We do not use artificial casings for our salami.

To make the very best products we use only the very best, all-natural ingredients and apply only the traditional methods as perfected by our ancestors centuries ago. We are dedicated to quality.

What ingredients do you use?

All natural and locally sourced wherever possible. We use flavour and ethical values as our guide in selecting ingredients. Humanely raised animals provide the highest quality meat and spices provide the most vibrant flavours. We would never use anything else.

Where does the meat come from?

At Salash, we select the very best pork and naturally grown beef available in New Zealand, and hand-process all of the meat ourselves to ensure top quality, great tasting products.

Storage Recommendations

How long does your dry-cured meat and salami keep?

Customers are pleasantly surprised to first learn that our products will keep for many months. In fact, if aged correctly, all our dry-cured meat and salami will keep almost indefinitely. Our age-old methods of naturally flavouring and preserving by dry-curing, cold-smoking and air drying have evolved over many centuries in central Europe to enable the meat to age without going off.

All Salash products have excellent, natural keeping qualities.

Where is the best place to store your products? 

Our Barbecue Sausage {Roštilj Kobasica} and Bachka Sausage {Bačka Kobasica} must be kept in the fridge.

However, the best way to conserve our whole salami and dry-cured meat is to keep them somewhere cool and dry, ideally hanging in a fresh and ventilated place (about 10-15°C) where they will continue to mature. If hanging in such a place is not possible, put them in the fridge in the compartment reserved for fruit and vegetables. If the skin of the salami or meat develops marks or discolouration, don’t worry; it is completely natural. If you wish, you can use a slightly damp cloth to gently rub the marks away but it really isn’t necessary.

Once started and then left for longer periods, you may notice that the cut end-piece of a salami or dry-cured meat has dried and darkened a little. Again, don’t worry as this is perfectly normal due to oxidation as the air has got to it. You will see that it is just this end-piece that is affected and the rest of the salami is absolutely fine. If you have uneaten slices remaining, they should be kept in an air-tight sealed box in the fridge to help the salami keep its characteristics for as long as possible.

How to Use Salash Products

How do I cut your salami and whole dry-cured meats?

Salash matured salami and dry-cured meats are usually best cut in fine slices so that they almost melt in the mouth rather than being overly chewy. You will also have a better balance of flavour in this way. Simply slice by hand with a sharp knife, preferably a long, large blade, or a slicing machine if you wish.

Exceptions are the more fresh and softer salamis – Bachka Sausage {Bačka Kobasica} and Barbecue Sausage {Roštilj Kobasica} – these are best cooked whole or cut in thicker slices or diced if desired.

Our dry-cured meats – Pancetta {Pančeta}, Speck {Špek} and Prosciutto {Pršut} – are available perfectly pre-sliced for you, ready to use. If purchased whole then simply remove the skin from the portion intended to be sliced. The skin should not be removed from the meat until sliced as it adds great flavour and aids in storage.

How do I use the dry-cured meats and salami that I’ve bought?

That’s the wonderful thing about our range of products – they are tasty, healthy and convenient and can be used in so many different ways. Here are some ideas:

  • A platter of Salash meats makes a great starter. Slice and arrange a selection to make an attractive display.
  • Serve on bread with some cheese or organic tomatoes for a delicious sandwich - gently toasted or simply cold.
  • Chop coarsely and add to salads, omelettes, pasta dishes.
  • Serve salami with vegetables or rice for a main course.
  • Have a look at our Recipes page.

Remember, our authentic meats are 100% natural, good for you and absolutely delicious.
Enjoy your food.

About Us

What does the word Salash mean?

Salash {Serbian: Salaš}, is a traditional farm estate, a genuine monument of Vojvodina’s culture and a true jewel engraved on the vast Pannonian plain of northern Serbia. The word literally means “a protected place”. Usually distanced from urban areas, these historic dwellings consist of a solid farm house and accompanying buildings rooted on the richly fertile alluvial soil. They were built with a wish to be close to the land and engaged in honest, hard work to enjoy a good life. Nowadays, they are places of tranquility where townspeople may easily find much-needed rest while enjoying traditional food and drink.